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The most innovative products that redefine the standard of CBD products and formulations. We don’t believe in creating products that aren’t serving your exact needs. bRISE was founded to change the CBD industry just for you; it’s time for honest products that truly promote wellbeing. That’s why bRISE offers the best CBD in all-natural, industry-leading formulas for everyone and every use – from immunity to energy and sleep. The technology used in this brand has over 16 patents!

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A premium athletic line with products that are formulated for elite athletes, but meant for the everyday mover and shaker… because we know you work just as hard. Our novel formulas focus on physical and endocrine improvement, muscle and joint recovery, focus assistance and hydration. In addition to these products being plant-based, they’re ultra-effective because of the high CBD potency – no more run-of-the-mill pain creams here!

Beauty from Within



bRISE Restore brings out the inner beauty of all women. This product line offers immune and nervous system support specifically for ladies, along with tension and stress relief products and proprietary anti-aging and hydrating facial care. Restore is here so each woman can shine – inside and out – in her own unique way!


Holistic Wellness Redefined



Health takes more than just one vitamin or dose of CBD. Essentials provides products that are must-haves in every daily routine. From edibles to topicals, Essentials are all-natural and formulated with amino acids, vitamins, essential oil blends and more. Best part: this high-quality brand is offered at a price point that we can all afford!

Motivational. Confident. Value.


You Cann

You Cann is here to for you! This need-based and value brand provides products that address concerns you face each and every day: feeling good, focusing, moving and sleeping. With these unique, all-natural products, you can take on any part of your day with power and confidence.

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The brands showcased by our firm are representative of just a few of the many types of products we sponsor and support.  We have long-standing relationships with brands, distributors, and wholesale or retail clients.  We have the expertise, the success record, and the wisdom to help you deliver high-quality hemp products at extremely competitive prices, with plenty of margin for your business to thrive.

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